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Mission Headlines

  • ICAO Logo
    U.S. Condolences to Victims of MH17

    The U.S. Mission to ICAO joins the international civil aviation community in expressing its deepest condolences to the victims of the MH17 tragedy and their families. 

  • U.S. Participates in Key Meteorology Meeting
    U.S. Participates in Key Meteorology Meeting

    Edward L. Bolton, Jr., Assistant Administrator for NextGen at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), served as the head of the multi-agency U.S. delegation to ICAO's Meteorology (MET) Divisional Meeting, July 7-18. The FAA's Office of NextGen is responsible for leading the modernization of the National Airspace System, the move to a smarter, satellite-based system with digital technologies and advanced procedures that will ensure safe and efficient air travel for decades to come. Mr. Bolton (R) is pictured with Joseph L. Novak, the Charge d'Affaires, a.i., of the U.S. Mission to ICAO. The recommendations developed by the Meteorology Divisional Meeting will set forth global objectives and implementation timelines, and direct the course of work for enhancing the provision of meteorological service to international air navigation for the next decade or more. 

  • President and Secretary General
    Meeting with ICAO President and Secretary General

    Carl Burleson, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy, International Affairs, and Environment at the FAA (pictured second from right), and U.S. Mission to ICAO Charge d'Affaires, a.i., Joseph L. Novak (L) met June 6, 2014, with ICAO Council President Benard Aliu (pictured second from left) and Secretary General Raymond Benjamin (R). The meeting focused on key issues on the international civil aviation agenda. Mr. Burleson was in Montreal for the ongoing ICAO-sponsored multilateral talks on ways to reduce carbon emissions in civil aviation. 

  • group of people (U.S. Mission Image)
    ICAO underscores need for Global Flight Tracking

    ICAO held its Multidisciplinary Special Meeting on Global Flight Tracking on May 12-13 in Montreal. The conference, which was prompted by the MH370 situation, agreed that global flight tracking is of the highest priority. Participants set out a way forward which includes formation of an industry-led task force. The work of the task force and the other efforts at ICAO are all being fast-tracked. David C. Behrens (pictured on the right), U.S.-nominated Air Navigation Commissioner at ICAO, headed the U.S. delegation to the meeting. Delegation members also included: Erin Gormley of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) (pictured second from right); and, Rich Jennings and Tom Kraft of the FAA (pictured in center and second from left, respectively). Charge d'Affaires, a.i., Joseph L. Novak is pictured on the left. 

  • Betty Crites Dillion
    ICAO Council Honors First Woman Representative

    The ICAO Council--as part of its annual International Women's Day commemoration--honored Betty Crites Dillon, the U.S. Permanent Representative to ICAO from 1971-77. Representative Dillon holds the distinction of being the first woman to serve on the ICAO Council. In her long and successful career, Ms. Dillon served the U.S. government as an aviation expert, and worked as an aviation consultant and in positions in the aviation industry. She also served in senior positions in the Peace Corps. The U.S. Mission joins the ICAO Council in honoring Representative Betty Crites Dillon and her signal contributions. 

  • plane (U.S. Mission Image)
    Mexico Hosts ICAO

    The Mexican government hosted the ICAO Council in Mexico City, March 14-21. Joseph L. Novak, Charge d'Affaires, a.i., of the U.S. Mission to ICAO, participated in the event. The working visit successfully focused on building international cooperation toward the goals of improving the safety, security, and sustainability of air travel. Among its many activities, the ICAO team--led by Council President Benard Aliu, Secretary General Raymond Benjamin, and Mexican ICAO Representative Dionisio Mendez Mayora--visited: key air navigation management facilities located at Mexico City Airport; the ICAO regional office; and, an ICAO-certified safety and security training facility named for ICAO Goodwill Ambassador and former Council President Roberto Kobeh Gonzalez. The team also visited the Queretaro region and a joint Grupo Aeromexico/Delta Air Lines aircraft maintenance and support facility (please see photo). The U.S. would like to thank the Mexican government for the successful visit, and for its strong leadership at ICAO and in the field of international civil aviation. 

  • ICAO President Emeritus Dr. Assad Kotaite (US Mission Image)
    Remembering ICAO President Emeritus Dr. Assad Kotaite

    ICAO President Emeritus Assad Kotaite, 89, died in Montreal on February 27, 2014. Dr. Kotaite, who was Lebanese, was Secretary General of ICAO from 1970-76. He also served as President of the ICAO Council from 1976-06. As a renowned international civil servant, Dr. Kotaite's focus was on improving the safety and security of civil aviation around the world, and he helped build ICAO into the effective international organization it is today. Dr. Kotaite was a good friend of the United States and his presence on the international stage will be dearly missed by all.