ICAO 41st Assembly: U.S. Welcomes Progress on Aviation Safety, Security, and Environmental Protection

The United States welcomes the positive results of the 41st ICAO Assembly in Montreal, Canada.  Once again, the international aviation community came together to uphold the foundational principles of international aviation safety, security and environmental protection.  The ICAO Assembly overwhelmingly supported the adoption of a long-term aspirational climate goal of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 and strengthened the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) to enable near-term emission reductions from the sector.

The United States welcomes the significant progress made on aviation safety and security.  This includes adoption of ICAO’s Global Aviation Safety Plan and other initiatives aimed at strengthening ICAO’s standards setting processes; resolutions that will better position ICAO to address innovation and accommodate new entrants into the global air transportation system; and the advancement of cybersecurity efforts within ICAO.  The Assembly recognized the need to elevate aviation security efforts within ICAO, including improving and advancing the Global Aviation Security Plan and increasing the focus on ICAO’s aviation security training and capacity development activities.

The Assembly overwhelmingly condemned the actions of States that continue to flagrantly defy international aviation law.  This included issuing a resolution condemning the actions of the Lukashenka regime in concocting a bomb threat in order to divert Ryanair flight 4978 to arrest opposition journalist Roman Protasevich and his companion, Sofia Sapega.  The Assembly also issued a resolution calling out the belligerent and dangerous unannounced missile launches by the DPRK, which continue to put the international civil aviation community at risk.  Similarly, the Assembly endorsed a resolution condemning Russia’s multiple infractions of the Chicago Convention.  Russia’s failure to be re-elected to the ICAO Council upheld the important principle that no State merits a position on ICAO’s governing body as long as it continues to violate fundamental articles of the Chicago Convention.