Don Ward – Air Navigation Commissioner

Donald Ward

Air Navigation Commissioner

Don Ward was nominated by the United States to the ICAO Air Navigation Commission in 2019.   The Air Navigation Commission is a panel of 19 independent experts appointed by countries from around the world.  They advise the ICAO Council on the adoption of international standards and oversee the technical panels that develop those standards.

Previously, Don served as the FAA Group Manager in charge of the development and implementation of a suite of aviation modernization programs, to include Aeronautical Information Management, NextGen Weather Systems, Flight Services Program, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Air Traffic Flow/ Collaborative Decision Making, and System-Wide Information Management.

Don has more than ten years of direct experience in international relations.  He was stationed in Brussels, Belgium as the FAA Air Traffic Representative to Europe, Middle East and Africa.   Don was also stationed in Singapore as the FAA Senior International Representative to Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.   Don has a strong link to the FAA NextGen modernization initiative and was previously in charge of the NextGen International Office.

Don started his career in private industry as technical consultant in charge of large system integration, deployment, and sustainment.  He is certified as a Program Management Professional.

Don holds a Master’s Degree in Information Management from George Washington University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.